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Crescent Moon Book Review

Children’s Fiction

This is how we do it by Matt Lamothe


This book is very interesting. It follows seven children in seven different countries along their daily lives. It shows what they eat in a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) how and at what times they eat, where they sleep, their chores, how they play, their transportation and the schools they go to, etc.  At the back of the book there is a fun and very informative glossary of words they use throughout the descriptions which is very helpful! My personal favourite is a girl named Kei. She was born in Japan and lives with her parents and younger sister. At the end of the book they show real photos of the kids and their families!



Young Adult Fiction

The house on the Cerulean Sea by  TJ Klune

WOW. I absolutely love this one! It is so unique and lovely. The characters are so quirky and wonderful. It follows a homebody named Linus Baker { who works for the DEPRAC, a place to investigate magical orphans} on a classified assignment to the island of Marsyas where he meets six dangerous magical youth and finds his true love Arthur, the man who runs the orphanage. Linus comes to knows the orphans not as dangerous but misunderstood. Read with Linus as he grows with the children. This book is quirky, funny and magical. 

Hooky by Miriam Bonastre Tur

Young Adult Fiction




        This graphic novel has a fun, whimsical take and is a page turner. Follow witches, Dani and Dorion on their magical adventure illustrated with a fun anime style! My favourite part of the book is the characters. Miriam does a wonderful job of making the characters seem so real and full of emotion. I would suggest this book to readers of all ages! { look out for Hooky two!}               


It began with a page by Kyo Maclear and Julie Morstad    

Children's Fiction









It began with a page Is an interesting little piece of history and just a fun story. This is a biography of Gyo Fujikawa, a Japanese artist who’s family was sent to a prison camp during the war between the US and Japan. I love the art- both Gyo’s and Kyo’s in this book. It is very well done and full of detail and really captures the elegance of Japanese culture while being playful like Gyo’s art. This is also one of Mama’s favourite books as well because of the lovely art.

Screen Shot 2023-02-24 at 1.31.31 PM.png

Children’s Fiction

Rosie Revere Engineer by Andrea Beaty and David Roberts


















This book is fun and colourful, perfect for young, quirky readers. I like this book because within the bright colours is a gentle lesson to always follow your dreams no matter what life throws at you and to never give up. I like when a book has a lesson but is still very fun and has a good story. The story is written in a fun rhyming poem and follows a little girl name Rosie as she invents her way through the world. Eventually coming to an invention that stumps her. She is able to find a solution with the help of her aunt. This book is very special to me and I hope it means as much to you as well. Also  look out for : Ada Twist Scientist, Iggy Peck Architect and Sofia                                                            Valdez Future Prez!                                                                                 


Young Adult Fiction

Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Patterson















Bridge to Terabithea is heart breaking and beautiful story about two ten year olds (Jess and Lesley) who become best friends and create a world that they are king and queen of: Terabithia. But one day tragedy strikes and Jess must cope to find the lesson in it all. I suggest reading the book to find out what the tragedy is and how the lesson is revealed. The book will leave you spinning in circles in a good way, like a dance. It is a classic and a must read and won the Newberry Gold Medal.





Children's Ficton

Home By Carson Ellis





This book is very sweet, playful and loving and has beautiful illustrations. It is simple in the sweetest way. When I got it we were just moving here, to our new house. It is a gorgeous book to hold close and help you feel grateful for your own home. Personally, my favourite is the shoe home but all the houses are equally just as cozy. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. I give it five stars.



Young Adult Fiction

Cruel Prince by Holly Black









Move over sleeping beauty the Cruel Prince is ready to take your place. The Cruel Prince is a lush and dangerous book full of suspense and dark romance. One of my favourite parts is the variety of interesting names such as Jude, the main character. In the book Jude must go through perils of the dangerous elven world. So dive in and let the Cruel Prince steal your heart. And look out for the sequels the Wicked King and the Queen of Nothing which are just as captivating as the Cruel Prince.



Children’s Fiction

The Map of Good Memories by  Fran Nūno








This book is heartbreaking and beautifully written. Entwined with many emotions, it follows  a young girl named Zoe whose home is taken away by war.  This book will remind you during the cold season ahead, to keep your best memories close. The pages are filled with watercolour visuals that will fill you with all of the good stuff (even the quality of the paper is a wonder and unusual for a typical book. I love the feel of the pages as I read this one). The book will bring you into a time portal to back in the day when things were simpler. I suggest you pick up a copy of this book to cherish forever or share as a meaningful gift.


Young Adult Fiction

Wings of Olympus by Kallie George


This month’s juvenile fiction book review will suit those who are ready for an adventure! It is a book of friendship, bravery and feeling. Pippa, an eleven year old girl, finds herself entwined in a perilous adventure. Stuck in a situation less than ideal as a servant caring for horses, she discovers a deep love for them. On her journey, she experiences difficult lessons on Mount Olympus racing winged horses. It is written so life like, it will seem like you are there with Pippa in moments of fear, happiness and excitement. A real page turner, once you pick it up, you will not put it down until the last page! You must give this book a try!


Young Adult Fiction

The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill    










The girl who drank the moon is a unique and cozy novel.  It is the type of book that you pick up and never put down. You will read it over and over.  It is dark and magical. This book won the Newberry award and for good reason. The story follows a young girl as her magical life unfolds with a witch Xan, a wise swamp monster and a perfectly tiny dragon. Read to find out how the book title  came to be. I suggest reading this book                                                                         immediately!                                                                  


Children’s Fiction

Mary who wrote Frankenstein by Linda Bailey & Julia Sarda

        Mary who wrote Frankenstein is a dark and moody book to set the stage for the darker days ahead. I suggest cozying into a warm  reading chair to read it .  The book is about Mary Shelly as she went on the journey that made Frankenstein . It is very imaginative and will pull you deep into the story. It is pleasing on the ears and the eyes with stunning illustrations spilt across the pages. I give this book a five star review!

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