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March in the Sky


    This is a big month! Mid February, we moved into Pisces- the last sign of the zodiac so March has us starting our astro new year on March 20 when Aries season begins. Aries is THE initiator. A fire sign that gets things moving.

    After 2.5 years, Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibility, will be leaving Aquarius where it is at home and moving into Pisces on March 7. A difficult spot for Saturn and a major shift from Aquarius. Saturn energy vs. Pisces energy is opposite. Saturn is reality, structure, and boundaries, while Pisces is all dreams, imagination, escape from the material world and into the spiritual realm. But there is always a positive to every difficult situation and we can always find a way to work these energies together and learn from the lessons of their awkward dance. Saturn in Pisces is Tower card energy. An ending, letting the structures finally fall to pieces so we can rebuild from the ashes.

    A saving grace of this transition will be the Virgo full moon happening on the same day. This energy will really move us into facing what this transformation is and solving it’s riddles instead of avoiding it.

    On March 23, Pluto, the planet of transformation- creation and destruction, moves from Capricorn into Aquarius after 14 years! When the outer planets make major shifts like this, everyone can be sure to feel things on both a personal and collective level.  This is revolution energy- especially when it comes to themes around technology (ChatGPT, The Metaverse, the tools we use to communicate) and how we use them collectively on a global scale.
Talking with a dear friend astrologer- she foresees a lot of truth being revealed around health/ Pharma and the healing that comes with that. Pluto is the planet of secrets being revealed and has been in transit during some major historical shifts-  the fallout of the Soviet Union, the Rwandan genocide,Vietnam War, Martin Luther King Jr, and Nelson Mandela.


If you like making lists and plans, this will be a good month for that. Use this new astro energy and jump into spring to take action!




Mid-January to Mid-Feburary

Here we are in the depths of winter. As we spend our last week in Capricorn, we move into the air sign of Aquarius on the 20th. Both Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn, while Aquarius is also ruled by Uranus. Aquarians are creative and intellectual- the humanitarians and progressives of the zodiac. Fun tip- JK Rowling strategically chose corresponding astrological signs for each main Harry Potter character- Luna Lovegood is the Aquarian. Quirky, creative and a good connector of people. Channel that dreamy Luna energy once this season begins!


January 12th has Mars going direct (goodbye retrograde!) after its backwards dance started just before Halloween. Mars is the planet of action and when that goes backwards so does our energy- amongst other things. While it will take a few weeks for it to gain its momentum back, we will start to feel its forward motion building past the 12th. Mercury also goes direct as of the 18th. Mercury retrograde gets a lot of bad rep, but it doesn’t have to be. While I much prefer it to be forward moving in its rotation, there is something to be said about learning to roll with the punches of life with ease and grace. As of January 18th, all of the planets will be direct until March so this is an excellent time to get things done. The dreams and plans that formed during retrogrades can be put into play now and we will really start to feel this energy around the 24th.


The new moon in Aquarius on January 20th will invite us to imagine new beginnings and think outside the box. Take some time to daydream about what you could do differently in it’s wildest version!


In early February, Mercury finally moves into Aquarius after a lengthy stay in Capricorn. You can look forward to conversations around community and innovation.


On February 2nd, we celebrate the holiday of Imbloc. The Pagan celebration of spring. At this point you can start to notice the length of days changing and the sun moving back towards us. Traditionally this holiday is themed with seed planting, fertility, pregnancy and light. To celebrate, give your a home a big cleaning and have an evening bonfire to welcome the light back!


The final month of the year shared between the fire sign of Sagittarius and the earth sign of Capricorn.The days are short with about 9 hours of daylight, becoming less and less as we move towards the Solstice on the 21st.

December opens with the open minded, expansive and good vibes planet, Jupiter- the ruler of Sagittarius, and closes with the energy of getting things done and completed given by Saturn- the ruler of Capricorn. 

On December 13+ 14th, the sky will be host to a wonderful meteor shower- be sure to check it out!

    For astrology, December is an interesting month. Not nearly as heavy as November with the eclipse but still lots going on.

    On the 20th, Jupiter enters Aries and lets us know with a distinct shift that it is time to move forward. Jupiter will be in Aries from now until May 16, 2023. This transition is about getting energized and more importantly- active about the opportunities in front of us. This Jupiter is all about self exploration- what can you teach yourself? This is about the luck that you create through your actions and efforts. Take the time to look within yourself to figure out who or what you’re fighting for (Aries).
   Chiron, known as the golden healer, goes direct on the 23rd and asks us to be mindful of how we act from our wounds. Do you want to work from a whole and intact place within yourself? What are you willing to do to heal? Do you need to move away from being a victim and into a fighter? A few heavy questions that Chiron wants us to ask or at least look at. This will be a time to take a step back and reevaluate if the structures and rules we created for ourselves before- might need to be updated so we aren’t chained to old ways and ideas that are holding us down.
   At the close of the month on December 29th- Mercury goes retrograde. Perhaps instead of making new resolutions for NYE- you could go back over your resolutions from the last few years and see how you did and make any adjustments to improve those instead- a more supportive move with mercury in retrograde.

  • December 3rd — Neptune direct

  • December 6th — Mercury enters Capricorn

  • December 7th — Gemini full moon

  • December 9th — Venus enters Capricorn

  • December 16th — Last quarter moon in Virgo

  • December 20th — Jupiter enters Aries

  • December 21st — Sun enters Capricorn/winter solstice

  • December 23rd — Chiron Direct, Capricorn new moon

  • December 29th — Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, first quarter moon in Aries

Mid November- December

This month marks the transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius season- on November 22nd. Sagittarius is a fire sign, but known for being the most gentle of the fires. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter- the planet of luck, abundance and expansion! This season is sure to be busy and all about living life to its fullest.

 Following the lunar full blood moon at the beginning of November- we are coming off of the intensity of what came up for us. Now we settle into the action phase of what to do with what we  learnt during that eclipse. Watch for opportunities that test us and allow us to apply our new knowledge to old problems.

The new moon will be on November 23rd and with it, comes help to wash away some of the heaviness of eclipse season. Themes for this new moon are expansion and celebration- a time for new beginnings. Once the sun sets on the 23rd, go outside and see if you can find Jupiter and Saturn in the sky.

As we move into the depths of the dark season the days are long, we need to create more light in our lives. Spending time with our friends and family, baking and cooking delicious things and preparing for the impending festivities of December is a lovely way to bring about this light.

On December 7th, we have our next full moon- also known as the cold moon, or the moon before yule. This moon will take place in Gemini, giving us a friendly dose of curiosity, exploration and wanting to express our true selves- all at one time! Like the good air sign that Gemini is.

For the month of December, as we near the end of the year, our minds will be in a state of reflection and of course looking ahead. Use this time to make a list of the things you are most grateful that this year brought you.

Mid October- November

Over the next month there will be many changes in the sky- as there always is! On October 23rd we leave the Libra season and move into Scorpio season. Scorpios are known for their great depths and emotional intensity- a keyword for them is transformation. Hold these themes close as we transition into this season. On October 25th we have the first part of our solar eclipse- a new moon eclipse. Eclipses are portals or activators of fate. They often bring about major events, changes and revelations.  The second part of the eclipse is a total lunar blood moon eclipse happening on November 8th- the full moon in Taurus. If the sky is clear make sure to get outside to see this beautiful moon!


“Solar Eclipses, which always fall on New Moons are portals of new beginnings. They open doors and can form new energetic pathways that we get to travel down. Their energy is fresh, even inviting, and can remind us of what our soul came here to achieve”


Next up, we have Mars going retrograde on October 30th. This happens about every 26 months. Mars is known for it’s fast and fiery energy- so we may feel like we have lost some of our strength and vitality during this time. Instead of dwelling on what you don’t have, use this time to embrace slowing down. This Mars retrograde is a great reminder that we are so much more than our productivity.


On November 8th, we have our full moon in Taurus that is also the total lunar blood moon eclipse. It is sure to bring some very potent energy! Full moons are a time of reflection, reconsideration and release. Taurus is an earth sign- very physical and ruled by Venus - very sensual. Eat some delicious food, listen to some beautiful music, take a warm bath. Do something to treat your senses- touch, taste, smell, hear, see!


November’s full moon is known as the Beaver moon. Named after the beavers who are busily preparing for their winter hibernation ahead. In other cultures this moon is known as The Frost Moon, The Mourning Moon and The Darkest Depths Moon. It is nearing the darkest days of the winter so take time to light candles or use soft lamps to make these long dark days more cozy.  Our family makes beeswax candles to use for our dinners. Every dinner from mid October on takes place over candlelight and makes it feel more special rather than focusing on the oppressively long days.

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