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The Death of Socrates

Lost Legends

Volume 6.

Hello and welcome to Looking for Lost Legends, this is korren to tell you about

different types of phoenix. first, we have the moon phenix : mysterious and prefers

solitude. They are strongest at night on full moons and live on tall mountain. next

A fire phoenix : these types of phoenix are territorial and have a fiery temper.

They are a threat to the water phoenix population. normally, water phoenix live

close to bodies of fresh water, but some live near the ocean. if you find one that is

hurt remember that they’re only 100 of them left, so do everything you can to

protect it. next, Land Phenixes: they can’t fly but they can dig and jump really well

and are very kind. if you are lost in the woods one will come and help you if you’er

lucky. finally, the sky phoenix: these creatures are almost always flying but

sometimes perch on tall mountains. some guard villages but their are scared of

humans. however, if a child wanders out at night and finds a sky phoenix, it will

bring them to be raised by elves. Despite popular belief, not all phoenix can be

reborn without help. This is all the current information known about the phoenix.

Volume 5.

Hello and welcome to looking for lost legends. This is Korrin, here to tell you

about: elemental elves.

Like other elves, they have special abilities. however Elemental elves have the

power to manipulate one of the four elements. First, water elves: they normally live

by bodies of water and are amazing healers. Next, fire elves: anti social and fiery

tempered. They are as deadly as they are hot. Third, earth elves: they have the

power to control plants and rock. Close friends with water elf tribes and do not like

storm elves. Strong and fast, they can photosynthesize, but they can also eat

normal foods, if they choose. Finally, storm elves: normally on the ground, they

sometimes choose to fly. Most of their weapons have the power of lightning.

These elves are normally invisible to the human eye, but who knows? Elves are

full of surpizes.

Volume 4.

Hello and welcome to looking for lost legends. This is Korrin, here to tell you about

different types of elves.

Ęłvęš look & act differently depending on where they live. ęłvęš only live in certain


First off, there are Hawaiian ęłvęš, as you know they hate the sound of a loon,

because Loon are their natural predator.

this kind of Ęłf is normally five to six feet tall, they have sharp ears & also hate


North American ęłvęš are normally found in northern Canada. these elves like the

cold and ride ice dragons. They are normally 6 feet tall. they hunt with knives &

spears. They are the second fastest type of elf & they have deadly aim. They are

the strongest type of elf and can lift up to 10 tonnes.

Here is a brief description of the remaining elf types we know about on Earth:

Russian elves: Solitary, kind and are also the fastest type of elf. They have an

average speed of 30 km/h.

African Elves: Very fast at learning and curious. They also love jam.

Australian elves: second strongest elves. Excellent at climbing.

So that is all the known types of elves besides elemental elves, which I will talk

about next time. Also, yes, every legend is indeed real.

Volume 3.

Hello and welcome to looking for lost legends the Christmas edition. This is Korrin,

here to tell you the story of two beasts (and how to survive them): the snow yeti

and abominable snowman:

first up the snow yeti. It is just as deadly and kind as you have heard. It kills or

saves over 1000 humans a year. While it sometimes chooses to save its victims

(usually children), when it chooses to kill, it sucks out the organs and ingests

them. So if you find a human husk, you’ve likely found the victim of a snow yeti.

Recognizing a snow yeti is easy: if you see a giant blue and white gorilla type

beast. The Females are white and pink and slightly smaller.

Next, the abominable snowman. They look like a giant snowman ( that is alive).

They are cold on the outside, but hot on the inside. The internal heat is how they

digest their victims. They only eat the cruelest of humans. at wintertime , they

come to cities disguised as oversized snowman, to hunt on negative people,

bullies and corrupt politicians. And yes, both of these monsters are real.

Volume 2.

Hello and welcome to looking for lost legends. This is Korrin to report on: crazy


First we will be looking at a group of three different types of krakens.

1. the cyclone krakens: these unusual beasts are found in the Indian ocean. Not

only dangerous, but every year they kill over 1000 victims from: storms, ship

attacks and sweeping shores.

2. the typhoon krakens: these mysterious beasts are found in the North Pacific

ocean off the coast of Japan. This type of kraken is very nice if you are an

anticlator. (Details in another story)

3. The hurricane krakens: found in the Atlantic Ocean, mostly in and around the

Caribbean Sea. anti social and mysterious; not much is known about this species

of kraken.

Survival tips: each one of these beasts looks like an octopus but with 15 tentacles,

instead of 8. Grey-black colouring for the males and dark purple-black for the

females. All krakens hate: light, dragons and their natural enemy, sea serpents.

Volume 1.

Hello and welcome to looking for lost legends. This is Korrin to tell you the story of

our newest discovery: The mountain beast!

Thursday September 22, 2022 11:00

I was researching an Elvin war in Hawaii , when I heard a loud roar coming from

the biggest volcano in the area, MT. Tomatoa. I went to investigate, I walked in to

a cave and saw, a broken lava egg. suddenly, I heard a roar louder than the last. I

went down a longer tunnel with a light at the end. when I got to the end of the

tunnel I saw elves attacking a dragon (Hawaiian elves are very territorial). I

cupped my hands over my mouth and blew, imitating the sound of a loon. The

elves fled the cave(elves hate that noise because its the sound of their natural

predator). the dragon looked like a baby lava-dragon. it was rocky and black with

lava between its scales, fiery red eyes stared at me while pitch-black0-fire-tipped

wings were tucked by its sides. it looked at me like it did not know if I were friend

or foe. Than it crawled to a little hole in the wall and it grabbed two things; a lava

gem wHich it dropped at my feet and a dead squirrel which it started to eat. I felt it

was a good moment to leave and with that I left it to eat in peace

And that’s the story of the mountain beast.

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