Uncertain Moments in Time

I have had a hard time making myself sit down to write some thoughts about the strange time we are all living through. I have both so much and little to say.

To start, my family, my friends- we are all healthy and that is something. I am able to lean my head onto this during tough moments.

As a business, things are really up in the air. All of my April, May and June weddings are or are in the process of being postponed. All of my couples have been incredible while working through this emotional situation and taking everything one step at a time because we really don't have a choice. We don't know what the end of this week will be like, let alone a month or two away. I am working with all of them to ensure that regardless of when- their wedding will happen and it will be magical, perhaps more so, when it does.

As a seasonal business, I take in the bulk of my income from April until November, with April and November being on the lighter side and with a lot more expenses. This means that as I am coming out of not getting paid for 5 months, that 5 months might turn into 7, 8, 9 months- who knows. And the income not coming in during that time, will be postponed, so no new weddings will be booked for those dates- more lost income. I should be panicking about this- I am not. This is what everyone's life across every industry, across the planet looks like. This isn't MY situation. This is what life looks like for all of us and I am not going to isolate myself further by looking at it from this harmful perspective. Instead, I am going to look to my community. I am going to do whatever I can to ease the burden for my couples and pay it forward with calm, with kindness, with an open mind. I am going to trust that we are incredibly fortunate because things could always be worse. I am going to accept that things will be difficult and different for a long while to come, but that is okay, we will figure it out- as we do. And in the meantime, I am going to grow some beautiful flowers, and a lot of them because it is the only thing that actually makes sense right now.

As a family, things are different too. Bill is home full time. He is helping with homeschooling, with cleaning the Airbnb ( which we are so fortunate to still have running during this, albeit with a lot more work to keep ourselves and guests safe) and to help with things around the house in general. This has made my day to day a little easier and I am enjoying that. I am drinking my tea a little slower in the morning, extending my walks, and finding more patience for little girls who leave books everywhere all day long. This also means that neither of us have an income. Insert more good fortune- living in a country that is offering assistance, assistance that will keep food in our bellies and a roof over our heads.

All of this is to say that yes, things are challenging, things are strange and I have no idea what will come next but I am trying to step back and look at this from a distance, as a whole and to find some light within the dark and to extend some of that light. If we can all make a little effort- I know everyone's situation is a different- then I know we will all be okay.

Take good care, more than ever.