To get you through the long dark days of winter

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

There are an endless amount of suggestions on how to be the best version of yourself you can and I'm sure they all help a little bit but by and far the most important one in my humble opinion is your community. The people you surrounded yourself with- your partner, your best friends, your acquaintances. This area is what makes my life amazing or terrible and I have been incredibly thoughtful in who I choose to keep close to me. It is likely one of the more difficult aspects of life, it is deeply emotional ( good and bad) and also as lovingly mundane as just being in the silent presence of someone who makes you feel good and doesn't make you question any part of who you are. My community has such a range- from people who I lay on the floor in my pyjamas with who make me feel endlessly loved to people who fire up my brain and inspire me creatively- and then every place in between those. I think you can learn a lot from stepping back and looking at who you spend time with, what you think you deserve and who is worthy of your precious time. I am always grateful for the time my people make for me because it is most certainly a two way street.

All of this being said, I have been very fortunate in finding myself a crew of creative industry peers that make me feel my best ( even in dreary January during a particularly rough time in my life). Even though it was the coldest day this year and I was feeling not my usual " I can handle anything" type of self, I showed up to this creative shoot planned by Megan of Free Folk Events, shot by Tara of Tara McMullen Photography and hosted in her beautiful Airbnb space, Sanctuary in the County with the most stunning pottery made by Caitlin of Cylinder Studio and we did the things. It was a great day spent in the company of a community that I treasure dearly.

Now feast your eyeballs on these and getting your wedding ideas rolling!