The Winds of Change

The warmer weather is finally rolling in- albeit in a daily windstorm but i'll take it! The grass is getting greener and the tips of spring flowers are poking their heads out. This time of year is by far our busiest, but a very enjoyable busy.

The greenhouse is bursting with sprouts patiently waiting until it's safe to be put outside and we have started to look at ideas and plans for the greenhouse rebuild! To say I am excited about this is a huge understatement. Like most of our plans, we get the ideas rolling and sit with them until the time is right which is hard for me- I like to get everything done as soon as possible but I have really come to value this method. It's easy to get caught up in the moment and pump out a project and then finish it only to wish you would have done it this way or maybe such and such a colour wasn't such a grand idea. By doing it slowly it allows me to process it, think about it in a practical way and I'm always more much satisfied with the results. It also allows Bill to wrap his mind around another one of my ideas that I always make much more complicated- he is a saint,

Originally I had ordered some plugs to be delivered towards the end of the month but for some unknown reason they showed up a month early and for 25 seconds it was pure joy to see green things that were alive but then the gravity that I would have to babysit these sprouts for upwards of 2 months while the weather figured it's stuff out- settled in. We threw a couple hundred of them in the ground with covered tunnels and a backup heat source for emergencies and the rest we have been putting into any container that will be take them safely- introducing a lifetime supply of lasagna trays! So far so good. The zinnias and lisianthus are happily thriving in the ground and in the greenhouse trays. The ranunculus are also very happy. The weather has been perfect for them!

The area around my flower plot is a wild mess that is nearly impossible to tame so naturally we have decided to do just this. There are a few beautiful fruit trees that have been taken over by grapevine and sumach and we have cleared most of it out now- an arduous process that we actually started last fall. Next we are going to rent an excavator to dig up all the sumach and grapevine roots to prevent them from coming back, to level out the ground and get it prepped for a wildflower seed bomb! At the top of this mess sits a perfect walnut tree and we are going to build a little deck under it to admire our someday accomplishments. It is the prize we keep our eye on while we are up to our eyeballs in grapevine mountains. And this is just the flower plot! We still have to get our veggie garden up and running, maintain our flower beds around our house and complete a lengthy project down at the yurt. As chaotic as all of this sounds- we thrive in this. It's why we moved here. Its how we spend our days, and its our love language. It has been so neat watching all of these projects unfold around Olive. While she is mostly oblivious, jumping in from time to time to help- she mostly just builds up imaginary worlds around these projects. We love stopping to watch her (spy on her) or to be shown her newest section of the faerie garden she has been diligently working at. I couldn't imagine a better way to spend my time with my trio.

Last week my dearest pal Britt from BKH Photography stopped by to take some photos of O and I for her Mother's Day project and they turned out so beautifully. I really don't love having my photo taken but she does such a great job of capturing us candidly and avoiding the whole awkward mess that I usually feel in front of the camera.

Speaking of Mother's Day- we are now turning our attention in that direction over at Dahlia May Flower in preparation for the biggest flower holiday of the year. Melanie always plans such a fun weekend at the farm to celebrate the Mama's out there. All of her blooms are ready to burst and we have a mountain of work to prepare for it all. If you are looking for something to do with the ladies in your life on Mother's Day- you should bring them out to the farm and say hello!

A little less sumach and grapevine-y!

The start of 300 + tulips popping up in this bed!

Photo by BKH Photography