The start of the season

I was giving myself a good old pat on the back for keeping this little blog updated and then the busy season took off and I am now taking that pat back.

It has been a fun and busy few weeks over here! We got all of the sprouts in the ground and its so nice to look out into the flower plots and see growing things surrounded by more growing things ( that I am desperately trying to keep away from my growing things). If it ever stops raining we might just get some flowers someday.

I had my first wedding of the season and it was a good one. Joanne was an awesome person to work with, giving me a little direction in the palette department and then letting me create using the season's best. The sneak peek photos from Charlotte Rosalyn Photography of that wedding are something else.

This past weekend I created a spring arbour for the open house at 100 Acre Wood. I wanted to keep it simple and use flowering branches that were in season and stay away from the big beautiful blooms that will be abundant in a few weeks. I used plum and lilac and it was a very scent heavy install. I love how it turned out! The weather ended up being quite warm, the sun was shining and the venue couldn't have been any more perfect. Mary and Kevin have created a place with so much thought and love and I always happy to be apart of their events. I have a few weddings there this year and it makes feel good knowing my flowers are going to be in such a lovely space. One of my brides from this year also happens to be a very a talented photographer and she was at the open house as a bride but also managed to squeeze in some magic with her camera. You can see the photos that Janita of Love and Exposure Photography took below!

My new products are just finishing up their finals days of maceration and then I will be updating my site with these. I will be sharing some markets that I'll be participating in this summer soon and as always products can be shipped or picked up locally!

Today is my 9th anniversary with my other half. We are going to have our first date in about 7 or 8 months and I am pretty excited to spend some time with this guy where we aren't wearing bug net hats and holding shovels. Luckily we have each other's company for all of these projects and are on the same page of insanity when it comes to what we hope to accomplish here. He is such a support in EVERYTHING that I do. He gives me the space to dream it up and then jumps right in when the projects start. I couldn't ask for a better person.

There are so many exciting projects that I get to be apart of this summer and I'll be sharing some more details about some of them soon.

How stunning is Joanne?! What a start to the wedding season---- photo by Charlotte Rosalyn Photography, shot at The Sanctuary in the County

J+J- shot by Charlotte Rosalyn Photography

100 Acre Wood shot by Love and Exposure Photography- Everything about this makes my heart explode- the fleeting beauty of spring blossoms withering as the warm weather comes

100 Acre Wood- shot by Love and Exposure Photography

Withering plum blossoms, tulips and dafodils- shot by Love and Exposure Photography

The best bar at 100 Acre Wood- shot by Love and Exposure

Sas from Floralora created this lovely install of spring blooms- Shot by Love and Exposure Photography