The Right Fit

If you wanted a pair of heels, you wouldn't go to Sport Check and if you wanted a solid pair of running shoes you wouldn't go to a fancy heel store ( I obviously don't own a pair of said fancy shoes because I don't even know the name of a store that would carry exclusively fancy shoes)- all this to say, you choose a place based on your wants and needs and what they provide. The right fit. Across many industries this concept becomes a little blurry, especially in the hype of keeping up with trends. Since I am a florist I will talk about this industry specifically. I often get inquiries from people looking for flowers, they have gone to my website, looked at my portfolio and then sent me an email and asked me to be their florist. Then, they send photos and our styles are completely opposite ends of the spectrum. They want all imported flowers, designed in a traditional style. While there is nothing wrong with that or wanting that- it's not for me and I have been very deliberate in creating a style and using products that aren't that. In other words- people are asking for a high heel when I only sell running shoes. I hear of other flower friends who also struggle with this. There is a florist for everyone, there are tons of different styles and preferred products that florists use. It is important to find a florist who is the right fit for you. It doesn't matter if you like their Instagram or think their dog is cute if you don't love their style. At the end of the day you want to be blown away by your florals and we want to blow you away! Take the time to find the right fit in your florist- for all of your vendors. This will make it less likely that you'll be disappointed and no one wants to be disappointed especially on their wedding day!

A lot of people start their florist seeking journey by reaching out to florists they have heard of. I would advise against this unless you are familiar with their style and it aligns with yours. I would start with Pinterest. Look through photos and find styles that you like AND dislike. Look at palettes, the size of flowers, the amount of foliages used. None of this requires a florist background. When you have compiled a little stack of inspiration photos, start looking at the websites/ social media of florists you have heard about and seeing if your styles are cohesive. If they aren't and you're having trouble finding a florist that is- reach out to us and explain this. Once you're in an industry it becomes quite small and you end up knowing most of the people in your field. I am always happy to send someone in the direction of a florist that would work for them! I just want everyone to love their flowers and for the experience to be as pleasant as possible.