The going around here

By the first weekend of June, I usually have a handful of weddings completed in the season- with an increasing amount of time spent in my office coordinating the upcoming weddings. So far, I have completed a grand total of zero. This year, I may close out 2020 having completed zero. I have no idea what will come with the rest of the year but the things that I do know, I am holding them close to me and holding them up to remind myself that despite things being difficult, uncertain and strange- there are things that remain a constant. How I act and react- I can control that. We can also focus on how we treat each other. I am giving everyone an extra dose of kindness because I can, because it is something I CAN do. No matter how small it may seem, it is big. Right now, I am just focusing on making sure my brides and grooms know that I am doing anything I can to make this whole situation as easy for them as I can. They in turn are appreciative and are hopefully able to move throughout their day with a little more lightness- which spreads ( better than COVID19!) to anyone they engage with. We need to spread all of the kindness we can.

The sprouts have all been planted, with the exception of some pumpkins that will be going in at the end of the week. Now it is a a daily endeavour to weed, weed, WEED! I dream of little weed sprouts right now. Weeds and weeding have taken over my life.

So far, everything is looking really good. We are reported to have a very dry droughty summer coming again. I'm thankful for this good start with lots of heat and deep rains to lay a good foundation and root system for these flower babies (veggies to!) in case this drought does strike. I will say that every year at this stage, it is a little hard to see what everything will be. These thumb sized sprouts are misleading. What they will become is scarcely indicated at this point and I always struggle with being patient. I want everything to be big and magical now. Maybe when I am 90 I will have mastered the art of patience, but right now I am a thumb sized sprout myself.

The lilac is done, the peonies have just begun, the ranunculus are shorter than last year because of the sudden heat but still here, the spirea is the most magical, the poppies are EVERYWHERE and the mock orange has big juicy buds that will open in a a week or two. Going outside is incredibly distracting at the moment and I cannot be trusted to drive a car- my head is constantly jerking in some direction, craning to look at some flower or tree blooming. This time of year is why I can make it through 6 months of winter. I spend many moments in a day where I am completely stopped in my tracks because of how beautiful everything is.

And then the weeds.