The day to day

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

In October, I dream of winter days where the pace is slower and I have time to sit by the fire and sip tea, focus on my hobbies and read to my leisure. The reality is that after a week of this ( so January 7th) I have had my fill. I miss the flowers. I miss the busy pace. I miss getting my weekly gathering of flowers for the weekend's wedding. So here I am in February, feeling more than a little dose of cabin fever and wondering why we live in a place with so much winter. To help with this seasonal lunacy, I have a handful of things that keep me sane: my daily at home yoga, the aggressive forcing myself of taking a daily walk regardless of the day's weather, puttering away at a project and all of the tea.

I have been spending a lot of time sewing. It's something I started in high school, albeit a very naive and unskilled version of it, but it's when I learnt how much I enjoy it. I have always had a thing for textiles and walking into a fabric store for the first time was the highest of joys for me. I still get the same feeling and can easily get lost for hours looking at all of the colours and patterns, feeling the different textures and seeing the fabrics unrolled. I have always sewed by winging it- no pattern. As you might expect, EVERYTHING is wonky. My best friend bought me a workshop to one of my favourite fabric stores for Christmas and I plan to take one over March break. To prepare myself I decided to challenge myself and learn how to read a pattern. I chose an easy one and it was still very difficult but I am happy to say that I have officially created a shirt that is not wonky...well maybe a little just don't look too closely. To celebrate I found a punchy fabric, didn't follow a pattern and made Olive a skirt. It is also wonky, but she loves it. I'll eventually learn to stick to patterns.

At this time of year I always find myself really craving colour- usually saturated earth tones and I have really been loving the colours of our fresh eggs ( yay for Amish neighbours). These colours have been inspiring our current kitchen reno. Our kitchen is white with lots of wood and plants and is very light filled. I wanted to find a nude-ish tone to paint our big built in pantry that we are re doing and I THINK peach fuzz might be the winner.

We just finished a very lengthy project of finishing our secret stair well and it was a real labour of love. Its in the oldest part of our house and is original and came complete with 4 layers of million year old lead paint and adhesive. It is done and I love it!

Lastly, my seeds have been rolling in and to say I am excited is an understatement. Along with the seeds I have many plugs of lisianthus, flowering oregano, zinnias, and a few other gems plus a few varieties of ranunculus heading my way. This is a big addition to what we currently grow and I am already preparing myself for the large amount of work that is ahead. I will be sure to keep the progress of this updated on here.

Today is the 15.5th cancelled bus day. With all of these missing school days, I have started doing some table work /homeschool mornings with Olive so she stays in the routine of doing school work. Its been really fun and more so when Bill gets literally snowed in and has to work from home with her!