The Art of Learning

One of the things I love the most about floral design is that like most things it is always evolving. Which means that I have to as well, or rather not have to, but I do, happily. Sometimes trends veer in a direction that I don't personally love and over the years I have found that it is important to be aware of this and stay true to it. Don't force yourself or your designs to follow anyone's direction unless it feels good. When it doesn't feel good, it shows in your work. I really enjoy watching the trends change, taking inspiration from bits and pieces and adding my own take on it. It has been interesting to look back over the years and see how my designs- shapes, colours, textures, etc., have changed to. Sometimes I feel self conscious, " I can't believe I made that", but I did and it means that I have grown and when you grow, you inevitably make mistakes. Mistakes are good, you are taking chances, breaking out of your comfort zone and all of these remind me that I am learning. When I first left the city, I took a big long step back from flowers. It wasn't intentional, I was burnt out and the idea of flowering seemed overwhelming. While I kept my distance ( It was January and wedding season was months away) I started to find enjoyment in other aspects of the flower world. I started looking at other designer's works with curiosity rather than from a competitive place. Without being immersed in blooms daily, I started to see flowers again, like really see them. I also started planning my gardens. I spent hours going through catalogues and websites and narrowed down my seed order. Then they came and I started them and grew them and then I designed with them and in this whole process, I fell in love again. I had to learn what my style was, what my colour preferences were and it was a lot to learn. I felt exposed at times, playing with shapes and colours that were out of my comfort zone, but it was so important. I also started setting boundaries ( which I talk about in previous posts) about the amount of work I take on so I don't have this complete burn out. Now 3 years later in the thick of wedding season, I feel so at ease in my designing and how my business is structured. I still take a few online workshops a year, I love looking at Pinterest to watch other creations and get ideas, I spend a lot of time outside observing nature and taking inspiration from the natural shapes and forms, I freelance when I am available and I will happily take a tour of any garden or flower farm. I am open to learning, to evolving and continuing with this art form.

Here are some flowery photos from the past few weeks:

Helping her mama with the cham harvest

Begonia Moon's #1 employee

Setting up at 100 Acre Wood

Best place settings in my humble opinion

Flower rings and dirty garden fingers