S + A Wedding

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

The first time I met Steph and Ali, they gave me cookies which is the quickest route to my heart. After doing a walk through of their venue, they explained their ideal vision and then said what every florist wants to hear- we trust you, do what you think looks best. Working with product that is primarily local opens up a lot of doors in the design realm. It can also be restrictive if you specifically want something because the beauty of Mother Nature is that you don't always know what you will get. Being open to what looks best based on the weather conditions and seasons taking place the week of your wedding, allows florists to use the best product. Steph and Ali got married at the end of September, the range of colour was endless. Ali has a Persian background and they incorporated it so beautifully into their day. When I was going over the details of their ceremony, Ali was explaining some of the meaning behind the Persian Ceremony, what certain elements of it represented in a marriage and I was so fascinated. I love learning about other cultures and the traditions within them.

They chose Kerry Ford as their photographer and she couldn't have done a better job. She captured their story and the emotion of the day so well.

Sarah Alexandra was the wedding planner, working with her is always such a treat. She is calm and creative and makes the whole day feel easy- as it should.

This really sums them up:)