Project updates!

The difference 10 days can make at this time of year is always shocking. We went from twiddling our thumbs (sort of) to having so much to do that its overwhelming just thinking about it! As I have mentioned 190000 times, we have a really beautiful property but it was pretty badly let go, so we are in a constant state of bringing it back to it's former glory and we have some big shoes to fill because the previous owners had really created a magical place here. We have about 1.5 months to get as much as we can done before the previous over growth springs back and takes over. Currently we are setting up my flower plot and it's going really well! Bill has been working non step to get it set up, while I seed and maintain the sprouts that will eventually work their way in. We bought some really great landscaping fabric (yay for weed control!) that we should be able to get 20+ years use out of if we take care of it, burnt holes in it for all of the plant babies..literally thousands of holes ( soon to be THOUSANDS of FLOWERS), laid irrigation, added fertilizer and set it all up. We built a low tunnel for my ranunculus who are happily enjoying this protected cold period and we have some more cold lovers going in this afternoon. Things are happening!!!

As I start to finalize my spring weddings, its so nice to know that so many of the blooms that I'll be using will come from our property. Choosing and growing my own flowers with the palettes I love is something I have dreamt of doing for a long time and while its a long process it has really given me a deep appreciation for it all in a way I couldn't quite grasp before.

We have been busy pruning our fruit trees, cleaning up spots we hope to take over before the weeds take it over instead and trying to eat dinner somewhere in there.

Going back through these posts, I realized I hadn't given an update on our pantry rebuild so I have included the before and after photos below.

I have been getting a lot of requests for workshops and while I'm still unsure if I will because of a chaotic schedule, I'm throwing the idea around and if I decide to- I will give a heads up on here first.

I have also been busy creating a couple of new natural care products for spring which I will be releasing mid May. I cannot wait to share what I have been working on. The regulars will remain- face oils, toner and heat sacks, and the head and mind soothe as per request ( I'm trying to keep it stocked- all previous orders are now caught up and my new batch will be ready this weekend!) I am also going to try and make some regular posts here about the many reasons why we need to get better at self care and little tips to remind us to do so.

I am off to do some planting!

After clearing old grass and stumps and a good rototill, this is where we started

A week later, a little more done ( look at that fence that will soon be covered in magical vines!)

The view towards the house... a big old hammock is waiting to be setup under that walnut tree



Saying goodbye to cold mornings