Playing Catch Up

Well, the days are growing shorter in daylight but certainly not in things to get finished. I made a promise to myself that I would stop saying "I'm so busy" when people asked how I was and I tried really hard to stand by this but ultimately I couldn't lie. I am so busy BUT it is a really, really good busy. It is the kind I have created. The kind that mostly energizes me, rather than takes away and my heart is really full. I start each day with a small mountain to accomplish and at the end of each day- I feel pretty proud of what is being produced.

To start, I began to homeschool Olive. This adventure on its own could fill my entire schedule. I will get into more detail of what this amazing experience has been like, but I will summarize by saying- this is the right choice for our family and we have been enjoying it so much.

We gutted and renovated our kitchen. Bill did everything on his own. He built every cupboard, the entire butcher block countertop, a new window..and on and on. We love it and we hope this winter won't be so frigid in there.

We grew a shit ton of flowers and vegetables. And we weeded them. And watered them. and generally just poured so much time and love into them and the results were pretty cool. One frost and its all gone- but the plans for next year are all ready underway, armed with first hand mistakes and ways to improve ( there are plenty).

We had a full house almost every single weekend this summer and fall. We are so lucky to have friends and family that are willing to make the trek to spend time here. It's a big part of why we do what we do here. We want to make a hub where everyone feels that they are welcome here anytime. I think its working,

We had our busiest yurt season yet. I am a full blown yurt mama and I have spent more time than I ever anticipated responding to Airbnb inquiries about the yurt. We had some really lovely guests this summer and met a lot of really fascinating people.

We cut, spilt and stacked two+ winter's worth of firewood. Bill did the bulk of this ( with friend's spitting here and there) and I spent a lot of evenings stacking after dinner. Until you partake in this chore it is hard to grasp how much fricken work is involved in this. I also love it so much. I love the annual rhythm it creates, working in the heat of the summer to give us some heat in the winter.

We canned SO MANY tomatoes, and salsa. Oh, and without a kitchen. We did it over a propane burner and it took so many afternoons and evenings. Now we can enjoy organic food directly from our garden to eat until the tomatoes are back again next summer.

I had one of my most favourite wedding seasons. The couples were amazing and gave me so much creative freedom and I had flowers EVERYWHERE in EVERY palette to choose from. It was heavenly.

We visited lots of friends! We made many trips to Toronto and Ottawa and everywhere in-between. We drank a lot of fancy beer because that is what you do when your partner works in that industry and has turned you into a beer snob.

We slept most nights, we ate a lot of really delicious food and tried our best to be our best. We did ten million other things but I have to go do another one of them so I will leave some behind the scenes photos of weddings and I will be back sooner than later with lots more tales, details and photos.

Photo by Shelby Lisk