New Spring Products

I am so excited to introduce my newest products! I have been working away at them for a few months and I am so happy with how they have turned out.

My newest bath soak is called Moon Flower and is a nod to the full moon in May- The Moon Flower- when the flowers come back. This bath soak has organic ground oats for moisturizing, bentonite clay to detox and purify and some really grounding, earthy scents to invoke clarity, invite happiness and welcome the shift in seasons. I highly recommend taking a bath with this on the full moon ( May 18th) to celebrate the warmth and welcome a fresh perspective.

My next product is a superhero for the under eye area. It's an oil roller with moisturizers, anti oxidants, anti aging properties and all around soothing piece of magic.

Lastly is my Lunar Release. I have been using a variation of this one for years- always with a castor oil base which does wonders for the abdominal and uterus areas. Before my last surgery when my Endometriosis was at a peak for swelling and pain levels, I was using castor oil packs frequently and found them to be the only thing that really helped. While I created this one to combat Endometriosis symptoms, it works equally as well for menstrual related pains, which is where it gets it's name from. This roller is full of warming, pain relieving and calming ingredients to help soothe your tender abdominal area. I also found it works really well on the lower back and hip area to!

I will be releasing these products around the full moon and they will be available to ship or pick up locally. I will be releasing all of the ingredients and directions on how to best use them with their release! In the meantime, my other natural care products are restocked and ready for the Mother's Day open house at Dahlia Flower Farm this weekend.