M + D's wedding

After one email I was totally on board with Mel's floral vision. She wanted an unstructured, very wild look that was more on the minimalist side. She was getting married at my favourite venue, 100 Acre Wood in Picton, and having her childhood friend photograph it all. She described the simplicity of it all and not wanting to get carried away by all of the extra details so she could focus on the real reason it was all happening- she was marrying the person she loved most. The end! It resonated with me because it was the same feeling I had going into my wedding. I barely had any flowers, no bouquet and tried to keep everything simple. Mel opted out of bouquets and chose a floral ring for herself and floral hoops that could be used as crowns for her bridesmaids afterwards. She rented all of her handmade ceramic budvases from Caitlin of Cylinder Studio and I filled them with wildflowers. I created a simple foliage install for their reception and that was it. And you know what- it looked incredible! The day of her wedding was the HOTTEST day of the summer, we melted in the tent setting everything up but it was worth it.

For the 2020 season, I have sourced a lot more wildflowers to grow in a range of colours and I would love to create some more weddings around this vibe.