Looking Ahead in 2020

Happy New Year!

I am and have always been a big believer in rituals and traditions and I love the conclusion of one thing and the start of another. New Years holds a special place for me for this very reason. Since the start of our homeschool journey we have spent a lot of time learning about the WHY of things- where did this holiday come from? Why do we carve pumpkins at Halloween? Who decided this? In short, there are a lot of questions and we have learnt a lot about traditions and I am always particularly interested in the celebrations and what they started as and where they are now. Here in Canada, New Year's falls during the long and dark days winter. A time of great reflection. A perfect time to look back at what worked and what didn't, how we feel about this and what we plan to do differently. We have started a nice little ritual of writing something that we want to let go of- a bad habit, an unhelpful mindset, something we feel guilty about, etc, and we throw it in the fire. We make a promise to ourselves to let go of this thing that is not serving any constructive purpose and we decide to move on from it. I have a lot to think about each year, personally and with my business and these thoughts really help light some excitement during this restless period.

I still have a few more weddings to share from this past season but I thought I would start the New Year with some inspiration photos for the upcoming season- things I have been inspired by as a florist and will bring with me in my designs this year.

To start- COLOUR! Combinations that are perhaps unusual, but shockingly beautiful and unique. Incorporated through flowers, foliages and vessels, with texture, shape and depth.

FUN- I want to use some different elements to make things more interesting, more fun. I'm thinking big leaves (maybe painted in some bold colours), dried elements, unusual vases, or candles.

Bouquets- I want to play with different colours and shapes here as well. I have my line up of seeds and plugs for this year and I have some very fun colours and textures coming.

If you are looking to play around with these elements as well- you know where to find me.