Lindsay and Mitch

Okay, I know a lot of people in the industry start these posts with something along the lines of " this couple was my absolute favourite" and so forth...and they are likely being truthful BUT this post in particular is especially fitting for this couple.

Lindsay and I have been best friends since grade one, that's twenty-seven years of friendship- best friendship at that. I don't have many memories pre- Lindsay, she has always just been there, in my life and I am so very grateful for this. I spent more time at her home than my own and lived with her and her family throughout high school. She was the first person to meet Olive, arriving shortly after she was born. She is my person and going through life having this kind of person by your side is rare and something that not everyone gets to experience.

Oh, and I got to do her flowers for her wedding. How do you do the flowers for someone with this kind of pull on your heart who gives you creative free range? I will say that it was both easy and difficult. Linds and Mitch got married this past fall- the day after the first big frost of the season. There was so much colour pushed up against the backdrop of withering grasses and whatever didn't survive that first frost. It was incredibly beautiful, the sun was shining which added a little warmth to a sunny but chilly day.

When I initially thought of Lindsay's flowers- I could have went one of two ways- timeless and classic with beiges, creams whites and neutral browns- as Lindsay is both of these- a classy and timeless lady BUT she is also an explosion of beautiful and unusual colours. She makes me laugh harder than anyone ever, she is wildly brilliant, both aggressive and passionately gentle and just this lovely concoction of a human being. So I let her dress be her timeless and classy and I worked at creating a palette that I thought best exhibited her soul.

A talented and dear friend, Shelby of Shelby Lisk Photography, captured their day and I really think her editorial and darker and dramatic style helped tell their story in a profound way.

We kept things pretty minimal in the flower department as I was apart of the wedding and wanted to focus my attention on the day but with the wedding being small and intimate, a little went a long way. I created a bouquet for Lindsay, flower rings for the bridesmaids, a dried flower crown for Olive, bud vases for the table ( including the ones I have been making during my pottery adventures) and some bigger pieces for the ceremony.

It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun. Now we have to plan some anniversary parties so we can do it again!