Life after social media

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

In mid September, I deleted my only social media account. I have had a love hate relationship with it for years but was always too afraid to get rid of it. I had an endless supply of reasons not to and those reasons outweighed pulling the plug. Slowly, those reasons dwindled down or rather the strikes against it kept adding up. As a business owner I worried that I would disappear into the ether without my daily posts, that I would miss out on opportunities to connect and collaborate with others, that no one visits websites and ultimately that my entire business would collapse. These were and are all great reasons that kept me plugging away at something that ate little pieces of my soul. As a mother, I worried that my child would grow up with memories of me with a phone shoved in my face, always only giving 10% of my attention and that she would grow up to be just as trapped by this creation as the rest of us. Every post I wrote I felt like I was walking on glass, afraid to offend someone and it had gotten to a place where I was more filters than I was me and a lot of the fun of sharing my thoughts and adventures had really become a chore. One day, a friend posted a photo on Instagram- a quote- "To gain your own voice, forget about having it heard"- and it punched me in all the right places and I very nonchalantly decided that I was done.

Fast forward almost 2 months and the world hasn't blown up. All this to say- this is the right decision for me. I don't think that my way is the only way or the right way. Since deleting it I have missed sharing some of our adventures both personal and business and decided that I would create this blog, that a weekly post would be my healthy alternative! I have so many projects on the go and I am looking forward to sharing them here.

Thanks for reading along-

Be well.