Learning How to Wait

I should start by admitting that the title is partially false, I don't think I will ever fully learn how to wait. I am however trying my hand at it which I suppose is a learning of sorts.

This time of year is unimaginably difficult for a grand portion of the population here; after months of freezing cold, hibernation, tasteless vegetables and fruits and an extreme lack of colour- there is a shift and a knowledge that the warmer days will be here soon. Each day that the sun shines, I throw on a light jacket and excitedly walk out my door, turn back around and put my winter coat back on. Not yet. The days are longer, the sun is definitely closer and things are coming back to life but the heat is slow to come.

This time of year is when the seeds are sown and the ideas start snowballing down the mountain in my brain. Each morning when I finish my walk, I take a detour off my winding driveway to where the empty flower field lays and I try to imagine what its going to look like in July. And then I walk up to the house and poke my head in the greenhouse and look at the tiny sprouts sticking out of the seed trays. Not yet. But it's a start. This is where I am learning, or trying to. If you rush this part, if you lack the patience- these little sprouts will die, so patience it is.

I am spending time working with Melanie from Dahlia May and I am in good company there- amongst other flower lovers who share this deep impatience. I was in her farm stand last week and spent the day with chatting with people coming in to buy bright colourful, locally grown blooms while sharing their garden plans, what they are planting in their pots, new flowers they are trying out and old favourites they bring to life each year. It was days well spent. I think back to a younger version of myself and nod, this is where I would land, in a community of people excited to grow something.

My little one is an early June baby and in the months leading up to her arrival, I also had this same impatience- wanting something to grow and be ready NOW. She was the best flower of them all and definitely the longest to grow. I met my partner in the spring, years later we were married in the spring. This time of year is so nostalgic and so exciting- watching everything come back to life.

Next week I am hoping to get a few things in the very, still frozen ground and covered with low tunnels- my cold loving blooms. My ranunculus corms have sprouted and they will be amongst these transplants.

Photo from Floret of ranunculus corms