Holiday Hoopla

Each year as my wedding season starts to wind down in October, I tell myself that November will be quiet. Weddings will be done, the bulk of consultations won't be rolling in until the new year and holiday market prep will only take up a day or two at most. Every year I get what I now refer to as the November faceslap when November turns out to be one of the busiest months of the year. This November I had a few big venues to flower up for the holidays, I participated in the Holiday Home Tour in Belleville, I signed up for 4 holiday markets- including one that I host annually at Signal Brewery, I spent a lot of time designing for Melanie at Dahlia May Flower Farm and every weekend we had someone come to visit. It has been a very busy November/ December. I am so grateful for it. Being apart of a community and keeping busy in and around it, is exactly what keeps me going. I love that I don't do the same thing everyday, that my job takes me all over and introduces me to so many different people.

As I prepare for my last market this Saturday, and my last 2 weeks of holiday design work- I do so with a very full heart. Next week I head up to Toronto for an annual Christmas high tea wth my best friend and her mama and our two little girls, followed by a 5 night stay in our yurt before we make our way to spend Christmas with our family. I am still not fully in the Christmas spirit but it should find me soon.

I am waiting for a few more albums from this year's weddings to arrive and then I am going to show you some of the fun flower installs we built! For now, we wait.