Ginny + Michael

This time of year can be such a struggle, then throw a pandemic in there and you get all kinds of restless limbs.

The seeds are all started, the greenhouse is full, sprouts are coming up both inside and out. I want nothing more than to run outside and plant everything in the ground and say Ta Da! But it is April in Canada. There are still snowflakes to fall, freezing cold evenings to come- flower killers. So I will sit back and babysit my sprouts in the greenhouse, send well wishes to the tips of flowers poking out through the soil outside- give them a look to let them know we aren't quite there yet. And in the meantime, I will go through photos of beautiful weddings from last season and share them here with you.

Last September, I had the privilege of doing flowers for Ginny and Michael. Ginny is a girl after my own heart- she loves flowers and knows her colours. We exchanged many of flower photos back and forth, unable to decide which we loved best- a good problem to have. One of my favourite conversations with Ginny went something along the lines of her trying to explain to her family that she didn't care to talk about her registry, just her flowers and she was trying to find a nice way to say I don't care about the toaster, let's talk about roses, cappuccino roses to be exact. Ginny is a gem!

They got married at Signal Brewery and had Destiny Dawn Photography capture all of the magic from their day- a recipe for eyeball heaven.