Garden Tour

Well, after that long winter followed by months of complaining about the never ending rain- it is officially blazing hot and borderline drought conditions. We really get a piece of all of the weather pie in Canada. Luckily flowers love heat and sunshine (most of them) and the flowers are coming on strong! Our upper garden is half veggie and half flowers.- After three seasons of building up the soil with compost, straw and natural fertilizers- it is finally amazing! The tomatoes plants are as tall as me, the squash are out of control and everything else is happily pumping out their first batch of delicious veggies! I went through it this morning with my camera to share a little tour of the flowers currently in bloom. A lot of these flowers are edibles ( I planning on making some flower confetti cookies soon!). I still have a flower field to share, my medicinal/ herb garden and little cutting gardens from around the property.