Garden Growing Continued

Since I've last written, things have changed a great deal outside. In a week and half, we went from 4 days of daily snow to 31c and baking hot. May is a funny month. I am happy to say goodbye to the snow, I may have cursed many times as it came down much later than it was supposed to. I've spent the last week getting all of my little sprout babies into the ground and I am happy to report that they appear to be quite happy to be out of the greenhouse and into the earth- and now we wait.

My weekly flower subscription sold out for the season so quickly, I was so surprised! I suppose everyone needs something to cheer them up during this isolation (and that late snow likely helped as well). Weekly deliveries will start going out towards the end of June/ first week of July. Until then, I will share some more of what will be growing in the flower fields this year: A variety of scabiosa, coral fountain amaranthus, bunny tail grass, rudbeckia, forget me knots, quinoa ( I am very curious about this!), malope and lavatera.

I hope everyone is enjoying this sunshine!