Flowers for 2021

Writing here took a back seat once things started rolling last summer. It was such a difficult year for more reasons than just a pandemic and as I attempted to juggle it all- some things had to be put down, like writing this little blog.

I have spent the last year in a deep introspection (which is saying something because I exist almost exclusively in that world already!) and I feel pretty confident when I say I am a different person than I was a year ago.

With almost all of my weddings cancelled/ postponed last year, I had to move things around to sustain myself. I created a CSA ( flower subscription) to make good use of the seeds I had started for weddings and it was so much work. The good kind though. I met so many new faces around the community and it felt like such a treat to be able to have these moments with strangers in a time when we were supposed to be isolating and keeping away from each other. We were careful of course, but it just felt so heart fulfilling to have this. I had a few customers reach out afterwards to tell me how much they looked forward to the flowers and chat, it was all they had. I have thought a lot about this and how the most rebellious things we can do right now- is be together. It's a strange world.

I also started vending at the Friday night Farmer's Market in Stirling which was just such a lovely experience. We really looked forward to it every week. It was fun seeing the same people each week come through and pick up their flowers and catching up. We made a lot of friends during the market season and we have maintained connection with many of them throughout the winter. I especially loved having my little one come with me and giving her that experience of what a community IS. She has patiently been working away at art to sell at her "booth" again this season. I can't wait:)

Around here, we worked on lots of little projects and maintained gardens. We attempted to keep up with watering because of the lack of rain and grew SO MANY flowers.

I spent too much time comparing people to flowers- through the perspective of the pandemic- the things people weren't getting- socialization, physical affection, trust, safety, taking proper breaths in and out- and so forth- and what happens to someone when they don't get these things? What happens to flowers when they don't get the things they need- which ones thrive with less water, with less sun- which humans got to be their best selves because they didn't have to be social and physical and so forth. We are not so different from our plant friends.

I came to the full realization that I am mostly a plant. It explains a lot,

I also came to see my flowers from a totally different angle that has changed everything for me- I learnt to see them as gifts- rather than a source of income. I was thrilled when they came up, at whatever length, in whatever colour, however many weeks "late" and I let go of expectations of what they were supposed to be so I could make an income from them. They were here and I thanked them for it. And then chopped off their heads ( with so much love of course!)

This year is shaping up to be busy- a fully booked wedding season, which who knows how that will play out, and a quickly booking up CSA season. I had to switch it around this year to pick up at the studio, rather than delivery because of time constraints with weddings and so far it hasn't been a deterrent for most of my customers. I'm looking forward to seeing my flower people again! I will also be at the Stirling Market again on Fridays.

I have another year of experience under my belt. A better understanding of what grows best where. I will be shifting things around in the gardens this year to accommodate these discoveries and I have so many new varieties I will be growing! My colour loving heart is so excited to share them.

I am so hopeful for this upcoming year and what it will bring. I'm looking forward to connecting with so many of you and making some flower magic.

It's gonna be a good year.