Flowering Wild PEC in photos

Last month I got together with Sas from Floralora Flowers, Melanie from Dahlia May Flower Farm, Alison and Marylou from Coriander Girl and Megan from Free Folk Events and we flowered an old mini barn on Megan's property. Originally we had planned on starting the evening before the event but an oppressive heat wave shrunk our window of design time. Such is the life of being a florist and putting all of your eggs in Mother Nature's basket! Nonetheless, we flowered away and had that old structure covered in flowers in no time! I love the juxtaposition between old and new, dead and alive and this installation really captures that- big, beautiful. colourful blooms resting up against rusty tin and weather worn wood...I have said it one thousand times but part of why I love flowers so much is their fleeting beauty. I often hear people complain that such and such a flower "isn't worth it" because they die so quickly but I don't think that is any reason to love something less. Most of my favourite blooms fall under this unloveable category and that is A.O.K. with me. I'll leave my novel long post about our culture's strange relationship with death for another post. Instead I will give you beautiful photos! All of these were taken by the talented Brittany of BKH Photography. She did such a great job capturing the day and celebrating Canadian Flower Week with us, alongside PICNIC PEC ( their food blew my mind and their cold hibiscus tea saved my life) and Hot House Sauna. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate flowers with us:) ( These photos make amazing backgrounds!)

The best flower of em' all :)

Thanks guys!!!( Marylou, Alison, Me, Melanie, Sas, Megan)