Flower Share

* photo source unknown but this is most certainly NOT my field

Much like the rest of the planet, a lot of us are wondering what to do next? It's hard not to given the endless amount of uncertainty right now. One day, who knows when, this pandemic will be done and people will return back to work...some people. Some people won't have a job to return to. Many businesses have collapsed during this stressful time. Many people have lost their jobs. Many people won't have a regular way to return to work.

I am one of these people that can't just pick up where we left off pre- pandemic, my current wedding season is being cancelled and postponed until next year. The pandemic started at the beginning of my season, coming off the end of months of seasonal unpaid employment. What a does a year and half without a steady source of income look like? It looks a little scary. Like many others I am currently moving things around to try and figure out a solution and the place I have landed is on a Flower Share or Flower CSA.

What's a CSA you ask?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is partnership between consumers and farmers. Consumers and farmers enter an agreement at the beginning of the season for a share of the upcoming harvest. Both farmer and consumers agree to share the risks and rewards of growing food/ flowers in their local climate. AKA a weekly delivery of freshly harvested, local goods.

For the 2020 season I will be offering a weekly bouquet delivery service in the local area. I am pretty excited about it. I am sad to have to step away from my weddings for the time being- which I love creating but at least I will still be up to my eyeballs in flowers and in the process I will be able to share this love with my community!

I put the word out yesterday not knowing what to expect and the response has been amazing. I am so grateful to everyone who has shared this with their friends, families, neighbours, and customers. As difficult as this strange time has been, it has also been incredible to watch communities rally around each other and come together- while staying far away.

I feel so fortunate to be apart of this community!

If you are interested in having some fresh flowers delivered weekly or giving them as a gift, head over to the CSA tab at the top of my website and sign up.

HAPPY EARTH DAY and I hope everyone is well and healthy!