Flower Installations

Every florist has their thing that they love to design, whether it be bouquets, the tiny and detailed bouts, the flowy centrepieces or my favourite- the big installs! Maybe I watched too much Art Attack while growing up, but I really love watching these bigger designs come together. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking at some of the amazing designs that have been done and coming up with ways to make them my own and certainly designing them in every space does that to. Throw in the seasonal availability and ever changing palette of blooms and the favourites of the couple I'm working with and you end up with something beautiful and original.

This past wedding season I was fortunate to be able to create many different installs- some big and some smaller. I loved the challenge of working in the different spaces ( except outside during wind and rain). I'll share a couple of them here for now ( still waiting for some photos) and over the next week, I'll share some that I have been inspired by and would like to try and create for this upcoming wedding season!

This one was done in a collaborative effort- led by White Oak and Kenilworth Floral for Canadian Flower Week