Around here in photos

There has been slightly longer gaps between posts which means that wedding and growing season is in full swing and the time near a computer to create these posts doesn't really exist but I occasionally remember to take some pictures. Since my step away from social media, my need to capture and document everything has really disappeared and while I'm so happy to have that weight off my shoulders, I do notice that I often forget to capture things I would really like to have for me.

This past weekend we had a long weekend party and what a weekend! We have a pretty eclectic mix of friends and it always makes me feel so happy to throw them all into a sandwich together and see what happens. I ended this weekend feeling like I just eaten the best sandwich ever. We are so fortunate to have the group of friends we do and what a good feeling it is to be able to have them all around you and the happy energy it creates. If you spend more than 20 seconds around me, you will likely hear me say some hippy dippy, eye roll inducing comment ( because that's my bones!) and in that vein I really feel like this house was meant to be ours for this part of our lives. The more we do here, the more we create, the more we relax and celebrate- the more aligned I feel in my entirety, like I am on the right path, making the right mistakes, meeting the right people and so forth. This weekend just brought that all home for me once again and I am feeling pretty spectacular.

You can put your eye balls back in park and gaze at these visuals descriptions now.

A little more green than before

We rented a tractor and dug this hill alllll up and planted a bazillion wildflower seeds..and those rocks were grown here to

my helper taking the hammock for a test run

the end of ranuncs and the start of EVERYTHING else

zinnias making their debut

Amira ( Kenilworth Floral) captured some of our Iris in bloom

a camouflaged archway from a few weeks ago

This week- a studio full of handmade bud vases from Cylinder Studio and 100 Acre Wood